Wireless Security Solutions

The necessity for a good security is more up to date than ever. We are faced with the constant challenge to keep people and objects well secured. The technology supports the safety of humans is developing rapidly. Besides that, there is a growing demand for intelligent security solutions to make the work of security personnel easier and more efficient.

AnteTec answers the antennas for integrated security solutions such as access control, professional communication and surveillance cameras, based upon antennas’ good performance. For the security market AnteTec delivers highly developed antennas, cable assemblies and connectors for wireless security applications. By means of antennas as well as cable assemblies if necessary, which can send signal to wireless application, there can be a quick response to the signal.

AnteTec’s advanced antennas, able assemblies and connectors offer many flexible options for protection from varied threats, including intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, floods and other hazards. Our antennas work with wireless intrusion detectors, PCs, cameras, etc. enabling you to offer comprehensive solutions that can save lives and prevent personal injury.

The antennas with different frequency range deliver outstanding signal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including multiple communication options that enable uninterrupted communication between the alarm system and the central station or the home owner.

Antenna systems, based on AnteTec’s innovative wireless technology, offer an extended wireless communication range, enabling you to offer complete, wireless intrusion security also for large residential, industrial and commercial premises.

A good antenna is of the greatest importance for a good mutual communication. AnteTec has high quality antenna solutions that makes communication between people easier and better. These kinds of means of communication make living just that bit more comfortable.