IoT Solutions

Antenna- The key for success in your IoT application.

A connected manufacturing operation with integrated data could arguably be the scenario every plant should strive for in a world with ubiquitous digital technology. There is no shortage of examples of innovative companies that adopts IoT to increase asset utilization, improve energy management, achieve predictive maintenance, track inventory, minimize downtime, and integrate remote operation. IoT also unveils a dawning new era of automaton, and M2M spawns a new generation of manufacturing. The potential benefit of renovating manufacturing with the combination of IoT and automation is huge.

AnteTec has developed the IoT antenna solution to build connection. Aimed to address the last mile challenge in the IoT, AnteTec IoT antenna solution supports five communication standards including ISA100, Zigbee, Wireless HART, WIA-PA and is installed with any IoT network application. By signaling, AnteTec IoT antenna solution connects with network application and it contributes to remote management.

AnteTec provides tailor-made solutions with its experienced engineners and precise corporate culture. By embracing automation technology (AT) and information technology (IT), our antenna solutions are poised for IoT and Automation Industry, which has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems, microservices and the Internet. Antenna is perhaps one of the most critical components of the product; if it is designed well, the full performance of the radio device will potentially be realised. However a poorly designed antenna will greatly reduce the maximum range of the radio and additionally reduce the usable data-rates at medium ranges. AnteTec offers different antennas with LTE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, GSM, etc. a user can connect to boost the signal strength for your IoT application.  

As technology advances, product innovation and asset and operation optimization are the leading forces behind Big Data and analytics initiatives. AnteTec's IoT antenna solution is able to offer better products with higher performance but reasonable price. A variety of users can benefit from them as the goal we pursue-“Create Greater Value or Customers”.