5G Is Coming

5G technology has recently been focused on and there is a race to develop fifth generation of Mobile Network with different companies, wireless industry is currently experimenting 5G technology as well. Speaking of 5G technology, what is 5G? How is it different from 4G or 3 G? Is it only for High speed data or just to support M2M applications?

5G will complement 4G in coming years with faster speed and less power consuming. Some companies, governments and institutes, who support that society will get benefit from 5G technology, have already started to lay the ground for 5G technology and to catch opportunities what will be brought by 5G technology such as The United States, Japan, China and Korea so and on. As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has started the assessment of the allocation of frequencies for 5G and puts 5G at the heart of competitive telecoms policy, the United States is expected to be the most potential region in the 5G technology market. While, China and Korea are striving to take over the 5G technology market and are experimenting with the technology.

What is 5G technology good for? 5G will build on the basis of 4G LTE. It’s going to allow people to send texts, make calls and browse the web as usual, what’s more, it will dramatically speed up the data which is transferred across the network. 5G will make it easier for people to download and upload Ultra HD and 3D video. It will also make room for thousands of internet-connected devices entering our everyday world. Just imagine upgrading your data connection from a garden hose to a fire hose. The difference will be obvious. 5G is going to change the world and change the prospective to see all things. A number of people think 5G will become a foundation of future technologies and 5G is not limited to mobile phones only, but it is about different object on earth. IoT (Internet of things) with wireless connectivity has broaden our horizon of 5G. It’s approximate 50 billion to 100 billion devices that will be connected to the internet by 2020 from experts. This huge change will be due to using the 5G network – Internet of Things.